Virtual Workshop Facilitator


Lianne Cranfield

Lianne manages and facilitates all SOS virtual workshops.  Occasionally we will invite a special guest speaker who will join Lianne during a workshop and they will share their knowledge and encouragement with the group.

​Engaging, thought provoking and inspiring, Lianne Cranfield has experience across multiples fields including education, counselling, art therapy, mediation/conflict resolution and the performing arts.  She completed a Masters of Education with a thesis focused on Student Wellness: Resiliency, Bullying & Interpersonal Challenges.  She dedicated further research to Music's Effects on Learning & Development. Her career path has been broad, demonstrating a passion for people and the human experience.  


As a Highschool Crisis Counsellor, a Guest Lecturer for an Australian teacher's college and teacher of integrated arts for the Department of Education Yukon, she has developed and presented her own Heart-Based Leadership series of workshop​s on topics such as Social/Emotional Regulation, Roots of Empathy, Resiliency & the Creative Mind, How to Have Difficult Conversations, Leadership with Heart, Emotional Awareness and A Holistic Approach to Wellness.

For the past 15 years, Lianne has inspired others through  "Find Your Voice", a program designed to encourage singers, speakers and leaders to explore a deeper potential by supporting the discovery, integration and sharing of their true and authentic voice. Nominated as the entertainment ambassador of Hamilton Ontario, Lianne now calls Yukon her home and can be seen performing music throughout the territory. 

With a heart-based approach to leadership and life, Lianne's warm approach is infectious.  Grounded in the exploration of person-hood and the Art of Loving, she is dedicated to a life of sharing the exploration of this Power with others in a unique, practical, educated and courageous way.